strawberries sustainable strawberries
sustainable strawberries

We are passionate about sustainability and by using our innovative vertical farming system, we can produce the healthy and hand picked strawberries you love whilst making a positive contribution to the future.

Sensational taste, sustainable approach. Simple!

We are serious when it comes to strawberries here at Wicks Farm. We are not ones to blow our own trumpets, but we are ‘berry’ good!
By using the sustainable and innovative vertical farming approach, we are able to deliver the hand-picked fruit that you love to help maintain a healthy diet all year-round.
From farm to fruit bowl, our fruit loving team carefully handpick the best berries, freshly grown for you by our trusted farmers.


Try a little tenderness! We ensure that every single strawberry is lovingly and carefully handpicked and chilled within the hour. They say ‘good things come to those who wait’ – we completely agree. If the berries aren’t ready, we wait!


We’re augmenting nature to ensure we farm in a way that benefits the future for us all. Our vertical farming approach utilises less space whilst saving on water and energy.


Strawberries! We see you! Each berry packs a surprising amount of power – often out-performing other fruit when it comes to nutritional benefits.