Who we are

Ensuring the highest quality is adhered to in everything we do, David runs Wicks Farm and is responsible for bringing the berries that you love to your table.

Passionate about growing fresh food, David has a wealth of experience in farming and is inspired by both the produce and the fantastic people who help grow it! Let’s see what he has to say…

In life, sometimes you have to shake a few apples out of the tree (sorry to our circular friends!) and when it comes to sustainability, you have to be a little bit disruptive and try new things.

We are not afraid to try something different, especially when it comes to helping the planet. Many people didn’t ‘get’ our new approach, but we believed in it and knew the positive difference it would make. The proof in the pudding is in the eating and you can’t deny the sensational taste of our strawberries.

Sometimes all it takes is having the right group of people who are prepared to challenge convention and who share a passion for creating something exceptional. We are proud of what we have achieved when it comes to improving and evolving without compromising on taste.

David Moore
Wicks Farm

At Wicks Farm, we are berry passionate about the succulent strawberry and we are on a fruitful mission to provide you with the best produce. Our hand-picked berries are grown using a sustainable vertical farming approach and chilled within an hour of picking, so you can enjoy the extra berry freshness packed inside.

At Wicks Farm, we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the time from farm to fruit bowl so that your berries arrive looking as fresh as when they were picked.