What we do

At Wicks Farm, we are ‘berry’ passionate about the succulent strawberry and we are on a fruitful mission to provide you with the best produce that has been hand-picked and produced sustainably, so that you can enjoy the many benefits of it all year-round.

It is extremely important that the farmers and fruit-pickers who work for us at Wicks Farm share our ethos, ensuring that every step of the way we are doing what's best for our customers and the planet.

To work in a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible manner whilst continuing to support the planet in the most sustainable way possible.

Selected by hand

Without a protective skin or peel, strawberries are particularly susceptible to bruising when handled. We minimise the risk of damage by hand-picking and quickly chilling all our strawberries in the spirit of summer strawberry picking.

Patience is a virtue and they say ‘good things come to those who wait’ – we completely agree. If the berries aren’t ready, we wait! Every berry grown is grown with the greatest love and care. Happy fruit, amazing taste!


The future is red! Whilst we are sure you don’t want to know the full details, we want you to understand why we are making sustainable choices and how we are achieving this.

When you grow, you glow! It’s so important to us to grow our berries in the best possible conditions with vertical farming to ensure they are at their best whilst limiting their impact on the planet. Plus this technique also uses minimal energy and helps minimise waste.


Packing a punch in every single way, the mighty berry is a powerhouse when it comes to boosting your health. Rich in Vitamins C and K as well as being an excellent source of Vitamin B9 and potassium, strawberries are considered a superfood and are a jewel of the berry world.

These brilliant berries possess strong anti-inflammatory properties and are also sky high in fibre and folic acid. Can you feel the goodness?